Wealth Management

Alliance Capital Management is a fully independent wealth planning advisory company that caters to high net worth individuals, high-income top executives, professionals and business owners / entrepreneurs around the world who are looking at preserving their capital while maximizing the potential to make excellent profits from their investments.

Headquartered in Hong Kong – our firm is in a notable position to come together with other global banking institutions and financial agencies to provide you with the finest service that an international wealth management firm can offer

Whether you need pension planning, estate planning or tax planning our mission holds firm to protect your wealth and show you consistent growth. Our expertise involves developing wealth strategies and executing effective solutions for our esteemed clients. And through a host of financial and investment vehicles, we assist qualifying private wealth clients sustain their wealth and leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Our commitment involves establishing a close relationship with our clients so that you can communicate your financial concerns as and when you encounter them. And as your trusted private wealth advisor and financial confidant, we say it as it is, and not garnish the facts the way you want to hear it.