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Wealth Management

Alliance Capital Management is a fully independent wealth planning advisory company that caters to high net worth individuals, high-income top executives, professionals and business owners / entrepreneurs around the world who are planning to preserve their capital while maximizing the profit potential... read more

Capital Management

For clients with various risk appetites and financial objectives, Alliance Capital Management can offer an investment solution with the primary intention of either: capital preservation, income generation and asset growth. These types of investments will create a diverse portfolio with excellent returns... read more

Offshore Solutions

Choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction to the most advantageous offshore investment structure, you can trust Alliance Capital Management to meet the above requirements for your assets and investments... read more

Welcome To Alliance Capital Management Limited

Alliance Capital Management, based in Hong Kong, is a full-service wealth management and investment advisory firm that caters to the precise needs of sophisticated financial institutions and high net-worth individuals as well as retail clients. Our mission as an independent firm is dedicated to preserving and growing the wealth of our clients through customized portfolio strategies

We go beyond managing money. Our strategy is to bring our clients the same comprehensive array of wealth management services and expertise that are used by the world’s most successful investors.

At Alliance Capital Management, we ensure our clients achieve their financial goals. To that end, we do believe in a personalized approach and in working with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. We don’t just make investments; we build long-term business relationships. We get to know our clients well, who they are now and who they will become with our financial guidance.

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  Alliance Capital Management Limited

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Why Choose Alliance Capital Management

We assist our institutional and retail clientele in achieving tangible, high impact returns. Backed by decades of market experience, a global reach and a culture of success. We provide our clients all the tools and details they need to make winning investment decisions, supported by detailed analysis and global institutional information channels.

Close collaboration with our clients is vital so that we fully appreciate their goals and work around those needs with a tailored financial strategy. We have refined our understanding of our clients’ challenges by watching and analyzing the varying trends in the markets. Alliance Capital Management provides hands-on tools and support to assist our clients build a high performance investment portfolio.


Our objective view of stock market trends and drivers helps us build actionable strategies that produce measurable long term, high impact returns for all of our clients. We reveal hidden opportunities and supply the evidence-based analysis to help clients make intelligent investment decisions.

When Alliance Capital Management uncovers a viable investment opportunity, our experienced team digs deep into research and looks for businesses that have the staying power to last for generations – so potentially your offspring can benefit from these investment decisions. Years of solid experience, discipline and sound analysis has provided us with the insight and mindset to identify opportunities that puts first our client’s goals inline with why they partnered with us in the first place – growth and capital preservation.


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